Jason and those he mentions -

 Thanks!    I would be grateful for ANY information about how to set this up.   
I CAN set up the trigger notice in the system IF I have some solid information 
about how make it work.    What triggers?  What hooks?  What defaults?  Etc.

 Can someone from Bibliomation or IIRC comment?   Send some specifics?   How 
about any other academic libraries?

 Anything that you can supply Jason would be most gratefully received.



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Jennifer, et al.

We generate bills for fines for some of our members. These are usually sent by 
email using what I believe are the stock triggers for this. The emails are sent 
when the patron exceeds the fine count.

We may generate PDF bills for this for some of our members, but I'd need to 
check that code to make certain, and I'm a bit busy with other things at the 

It sounds like you're asking for something that Evergreen may not do out of the 
box, but I think Bibliomation may have set up once for their academic members. 
IIRC, they had something that would generate billing notices for students near 
the end of the semester.

If you want more information about the usual fine notices, I can probably look 
it up later.


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