Hi Diane,

I'm interested in looking at these bugs further. Can you point me in the direction of the LP bugs filed for the following?

Losing settings and workstation registration after clearing the browser cache or restarting the computer. Several functions require being applied twice before the the function is performed.

Thanks so much!


On 03/19/2018 04:32 PM, Diane Disbro wrote:
Yes, Scott! We are all about resource sharing and one of the resources we should share is our insights!

There are bug reports for four of the five showstoppers I reported this morning. The slow-down/freeze-up happening often does not have a bug report....as far as I know. (It is hard to find pertinent bug reports because you need to think like the person making the report in order to come up with the key words.) We used Webby for a month and had issues with it not loading all information on a screen or showing something odd that seemed to be tied with the number of functions we performed. After we had been clicking around, checking out patrons, checking in materials, editing records for a while, we were brought to a stand-still. Clearing the browser history usually solved the problem. And meant reregistering the workstation and checking settings.

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       I agree Launchpad is a great tool, but I, for one, would like
    to see more discussion about bugs and Webby issues on this list. I
    often have trouble finding bugs in Launchpad so I feel sheepish
    about creating new ones there without first discussing it with
    others with more expertise, and this seems like a good place to do


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    Diane, and anyone else.

    If you are encountering web client bugs and there are not already
    Launchpad bug entries to cover them, please go to Launchpad and
    create new bugs:


    Otherwise, no one else will be aware of the bugs you've found.


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