Chris asked me to post this problem.  It was surprising to me that he gets the report results that he does.  As an aside, i'd like to be able to see the report writers actual query at some point.  Is there a debug trap for that? Anyway, here is his problem.

have an interesting Evergreen “Reports” issue.

I want an “overdues” report where:

1. I want to name the library

2. I want a range of Overdue/Due Dates

3. For everything that isn’t checked in.

The problem I am having is that the report seems to add additional records (with later Due dates) to the report.

I built a report with these Base Filters.

[overduereportfailure1.jpg] attached shows a pic of the reportwriter filters used.

But, when I run the report, I get “extra records” (Due dates in the future). In the following case, I asked for a range of Mar 16 to Mar 16. But I got two “extra” items.

[overduereportfailure2.jpg] attached shows a pic of unexpected result report rows

We looked at one of the items (“Princess Stories, etc.) in the database and found this:

[overduereportfailure3.jpg] attached shows psql select of the item asset.copy rows for the princess story item.

As you can see, this item has two transactions. The first, has a “null” check In Date/Time. The second has a due date of 2018-03-16.

Logically, I understand why this item might be included. But how can I filter out items like this??

Steve says:  I don't see why the items that don't satify all of the filters were included?  suggestions?


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