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Yes, the recalculation at the end of that upgrade script is necessary. In 3.0, we made some changes to the way catalog searches determine record visibility, and this part of the script recalculates visibility to fix a few search issues that were discovered in the 3.0 release. Without recalculating visibility, you'll find that some records for electronic resources or those that have a bib source (which cover almost all records in our system) will appear in searches when they shouldn't.

Having said that, I think we can speed up that upgrade script. We had a similar calculation in the 2.12 to 3.0 upgrade script, and I one point we made a change to disable various triggers before performing the calculation. My understanding is that the calculations perform much more quickly with those triggers disabled. See the changes at:


I'm going to file a bug to see if we can make a similar change for the 3.0.2-3.0.3 upgrade script.


On 03/23/2018 03:16 PM, Jesse McCarty wrote:

Hello Everyone,

During my last test cycle we ran into an issue upgrading from 2.10 to a newer version with an update script that was setting the 901$sfor bib records. This took an extended amount of time to complete. Well now, in testing our upgrade to the 3.0 series part of the 3.0.2-3.0.3 version upgrade script took over a week to finish in testing, which is a big issue for updating production.

Is it possible to comment out/remove the offending part of the upgrade script and not have any issues with the new system after the upgrade? Could it be the last part of the script in lines 277-291 of the upgrade script taking this long (line 290 perhaps)?

277 UPDATE  biblio.record_entry

278   SET   vis_attr_vector = biblio.calculate_bib_visibility_attribute_set(id)

279   WHERE id IN (

280             SELECT  DISTINCT cn.record

281               FROM  asset.call_number cn

282               WHERE NOT cn.deleted

283                     AND cn.label = '##URI##'

284                     AND EXISTS (

285                         SELECT  1

286                           FROM asset.uri_call_number_map m

287                           WHERE m.call_number = cn.id

288                     )

289                 UNION

290             SELECT id FROM biblio.record_entry WHERE source IS NOT NULL

291         );

Wondering if others have met something similar and how they dealt with it so as not to cause issues upgrading a production system and minimizing down time. We typically run our upgrades on a Sunday morning and all Evergreen related services are only down for about half a day and usually back up before 10am Monday worst case.

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