On 04/04/2018 02:46 PM, Jesse McCarty wrote:
> Thank you Kathy,
> Those changes seemed to work great. What seemed to never end
> completed in about a minute, and I was able to start up
> Evergreen and search/renew and otherwise interact with the test
> system as expected (in my limited IT testing role not being a
> library staff member that fully utilizes the system). Is this
> to be expected to complete that fast or should I be wondering
> if something didn't go as needed?

Jesse, I think you're OK. That update went from never finishing on my
test system to running in just 12 minutes. (We have several million bib
records.) By never finishing, I mean I let it run for a few days before
stopping it.

If there were any problems, you should see error messages in the console
where the script was running. I like to pipe the output to "tee" so it
also goes to a file:

psql -f upgrade_script.sql |& tee ~/upgrade_script.log

The "|&" is a shortcut to send both standard output and errors to the file.

Do you know how long the authority ingest part of the updrade scripts
runs for you? That runs for over 30 hours on my test system, and it is
already about as optimized as it can be.


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