Thanks again for the info. We are on 2.10.3 now and upgrading to 3.0.3. How 
would I go about re-enabling the triggers mentioned and is disabling them as 
simple as copy/paste the code snipped Kathy sent into the upgrade script? For 
combing the scripts, would it just be copy/paste the contents of each one 
sequentially into a single file? Do you have a workable single file upgrade 
script that you can share? Modifying these files is new to me. 

Thanks again. 

Jesse McCarty
City of Burlington
Information Systems Technician

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On 03/28/2018 06:52 PM, Jesse McCarty wrote:
> Not sure how to proceed to test getting the upgrade more manageable 
> prior to upgrading production. Obviously cannot have production down 
> or having issues for several business days.

If you add the code to disable triggers, etc., from the 2.12.6 to 3.0 upgrade 
script, then it runs it much less time. It ran in about half an hour on my test 

BTW, are you upgrading from 2.10 to 3.0? If so, it sometimes helps to make a 
single upgrade script because some steps are occasionally repeated. In this 
particular case, the 2.12.6 to 3.0.0 upgrade script does this calculation. It 
would be wise to bundle everything up and put that update at the end so you 
only have to do it once, rather than twice.

There's an authority ingest in that 2.12.6 to 3.0 upgrade that takes a lot 
longer on my test system.


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