Hi all,

I have a question about translation of fixed-field elements mnemonic names
(like BLvl, DtSt, Audn etc, see
https://www.oclc.org/bibformats/en/fixedfield.html.) used in Evergreen in
the fixed field grid. We have not translated the mnemonic names to Czech
yet (and as far as a know, neither they have  been  translated to some of
supported Evergreen languages). However,  it turned out eventually,  that
the using of English mnemonic names is not very practical for Czech
catalogers. That is why we would like to translate them to Czech now. At
this point two practical question came up:

1. Must translation necessarily consist of only  four characters, as the
original mnemonic names mostly do? Or would it be possible use to use more
characters for translation, possibly from six to eight (e.g. Ctry translate
as ZemVyd, or GPub translate as VladPub) without causing a crush of the fix
field grid interface?

2. Is it safe to use a special Czech characters (extended ASCII characters
like ž, š, č, ř ...) for mnemonic names translation? Or could i cause a

Thanks in advance for an answer


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