Hello again, does anyone disable the auditor table trigger for 
biblio.record_entry for updates like the 901 or a full reingest using the 1=1 
method?  I wonder if that would speed things up at all, and avoid some auditor 
table bloat.

I also noticed that the auditor table for auditor.biblio_record_entry_history 
wasn’t updated with the new biblio.record_entry columns for vis_attr_vector, 
merge_date  and merged_to.  Is that something that I’m supposed to do manually 
whenever an audited table gets altered?

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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Hello,  Thank you all for the great info in this thread.  I've been trying out 
some test upgrades from 2.10 -> 3.1 and  have some questions that I thought I 
would just add here.

I just want to make sure I understand which of the longer running updates do 
the same things as other updates for efficiency.

My notes on the upgrade scripts are at 

List of longer running updates

1.       2.10.7-2.11.0 – 901 field update via update set id=id method

2.       2.11.3-2.12.0 – Facet and Browse reingest  via 

3.       2.12.0-2.12.1 – Browse reingest via 

4.       2.12.6-3.0.0

a.       Display field reingest via metabib.reingest_metabib_field_entries

b.       Authority reingest via update set id=id method in a transaction

5.       3.0.6-3.1.0 – full reingest via update set id=id method in a function

So from what I think I understand, these updates can all be completed by 
performing the

1.       Authority reingest from 2.12.6-3.0.0.

2.       Full reingest from 3.0.6-3.1.0.  (should deal with all the indexes 
along with bre trigger updates for the 901 update).

I’m looking into breaking these updates into smaller chunks and running them in 
parallel to speed them up and allow the system to function somewhat normally.  
I usually use the pingest.pl script, but I don’t think that script would take 
care of bre trigger based updates, since I think it calls 
metabib.reingest_metabib_field_entries to perform updates just on the indices.

But I think I may run into trouble running multiple instances of each of these 
updates because of the transactions.  I’m thinking that as is, the updating of 
the config.internal_flag and “alter table” will block other transactions.

So maybe I’m better off using pingest.pl for the search re-indexing, which can 
be run in parallel, and then a simpler query for the “update set id=id on bre” 
bre trigger updates, which should skip the indexing updates.

The authority update I should maybe just run serially, cut up into smaller 
chunks of records.  Is there a pingest.pl script for authority reindexing?

Also, could someone tell me the difference between using a “DO $FUNC$” for the 
3.0.6-3.1.0 reingest verses how the 2.12.6-3.0.0 authority reingest uses 
commands in a transaction block?  Is one method superior to another?  Is the DO 
$FUNC$ method implicitly in a transaction?


Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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If the authority reingest is the one that runs in the 2.12.0-2.12.1 script, it 
looks like between an hour/hour and a half on our test system this morning. I 
don't know how many bib records we have, but our Database sits about 24GB if 
that helps for comparison.

Jesse McCarty

City of Burlington

Information Systems Technician

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to finish

On 04/04/2018 02:46 PM, Jesse McCarty wrote:

> Thank you Kathy,


> Those changes seemed to work great. What seemed to never end completed

> in about a minute, and I was able to start up Evergreen and

> search/renew and otherwise interact with the test system as expected

> (in my limited IT testing role not being a library staff member that

> fully utilizes the system). Is this to be expected to complete that

> fast or should I be wondering if something didn't go as needed?

Jesse, I think you're OK. That update went from never finishing on my test 
system to running in just 12 minutes. (We have several million bib

records.) By never finishing, I mean I let it run for a few days before 
stopping it.

If there were any problems, you should see error messages in the console where 
the script was running. I like to pipe the output to "tee" so it also goes to a 

psql -f upgrade_script.sql |& tee ~/upgrade_script.log

The "|&" is a shortcut to send both standard output and errors to the file.

Do you know how long the authority ingest part of the updrade scripts runs for 
you? That runs for over 30 hours on my test system, and it is already about as 
optimized as it can be.



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