Hello everyone,

I work for a music college library and we are starting to circulate more
and more expensive recording equipment to our students. From now on we
would like to require ALL students to acknowledge reading a "user
agreement" before they have circulation privileges for any item (books,
CDs, equipment, etc.).

BTW, since usually most students already have EG accounts, since I normally
batch add a few thousands students every semester, customizing the self
registration UI/code may not work for our need. I guess I could make all
incoming new students use self registration and include the "user
agreement" int he UI, but that will not scale well or deal with returning

In the past we had a separate system to track down who had read the
agreement, but that system has been retired and it did not talk to
Evergreen anyway. I am now wondering if anyone is doing anything similar to
this with Evergreen? I would love to hear what your approaches have been.

I want to see if anyone has an existing approach I could reuse or at least
use it get inspiration. If not, I have an idea to create my own OPAC ".tt2"
files, using templates/opac/myopac/prefs_notify.tt2 as inspiration. I will
take that idea to the dev list/IRC later on.

Thanks in advance,


Yamil Suarez, MCS
Associate Director of Library Systems & Web Development

Stan Getz Library
Berklee College of Music
1140 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02215


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