Greetings, one of our libraries is having issues with Hatch on a singular
workstation, the rest of their workstations work without issue with this
setup. I'm waiting to find out if we can avoid the issue by upgrading the
PC to Windows 10 given that Windows 7 Microsoft support ends in January.

It's a Windows 7, 64 bit PC. They use Hatch because they're using multiple
printers. The issue is that the printers do not display in the web client
of Evergreen 3.1.11, under Administration, Workstation, Printer Settings.

Yes, the checkbox to use Hatch under Administration, Workstation,
Print/Storage Service is checked, and currently we do not have the checkbox
for Store Local Settings in Hatch checked, because the issue is present
either way.

The issue is present under FireFox or Chrome. Used
as reference.

Steps performed thus far:
*Verified that there are no stuck print jobs in the queue.
*Verified that the xul client works correctly.
*Verified that the browser itself sees the printers and checked the
settings for header/footer and margins - although not really relevant to
this issue.
*Disabled/Enabled Hatch - no change
*Uninstalled Hatch and Java [64bit only on this PC, if that matters]
**Verified the related folder under
C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions
removed itself after removing hatch
**Verified the related folders under C:\Program Files\Java and c:\Program
Files (x86)\Java removed themselves after uninstalling Java, after checking
the checkbox that it remove all accompanying data upon uninstall.
*Upon reboot, reinstalled them and the issue remained.
*Removed Hatch, Java, and Chrome  - after making sure any needed Chrome
data was backed up
**Renamed the C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\Google folder to Google-old to
ensure no data was imported to the new installation
*Rebooted, reinstalled Chrome, Java and Hatch and the issue was still

Is there anything I'm missing?

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