On Jan 17, 11:53 am, deeztech <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> throughput of about 30 MB/sec. This does not seem right to me. I'm
> expecting abou 65 MB/sec. Is that realistic? We have tried through the

  i (used to) use this target... it just isn't very fast at all.

  linear, single threaded 4k iops to a 8 disk raid5, reading just over
3000 iops.  not very interesting.  single-sata-attached can get >6000
for example.

  however, with good readahead, if you are doing bulk transfers
(backups, dd, etc) then you should get closer to wirespeed.  blockdev
--setra 4096 should be enough, but you could go 2x or 4x more.  this
is basicly true of any iscsi target though.

  i never did any extensive write testing.

  there are plenty of tuning threads and details floating around, IET
mailing list probably has the most discussion in this area, so it is a
good place to look.

  other main complaint about this box is severe limit of logical
units.  25 per volume...

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