Mike Christie wrote:
> swejis wrote:
>> Hello everyone. I'm not very experienced with iscsi, so please excuse
>> me if asking stupid questions.
>> I'm evaluation opensuse 11 (Beta1) for my servers and have found some
>> worrying errors in the log. The following error quite frequently shows
>> up.
>> May  5 21:15:05 manjula klogd:  connection1:0: ping timeout of 5 secs
>> expired, last rx 4626267449, last ping 4626264949, now 4626269949
> It looks like the nop code it broken. If you use
> node.conn[0].timeo.noop_out_interval = 0
> node.conn[0].timeo.noop_out_timeout = 0
> Set that for each portal or set it in your /etc/iscsi/iscsi.conf file 
> and then redo discovery.

If that works could you try the kernel modules and tools in this tarball?

Renable nops by setting:

node.conn[0].timeo.noop_out_interval = 5
node.conn[0].timeo.noop_out_timeout = 5

back to five, then retry the test. This should fix the root problem 
where we drop the session when we wanted to test it.

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