Hello all,

So I wanted to also provide the option of my diskless server users to
boot CentOS51 Xen kernel via iSCSI root ... Instead of building the
image with an installation on hard drive, I thought I'd boot on an
existing copy of an iscsiRoot golden image and upgrade CentOS51 to xen
kernel from there.  I did the following:

1.  yum install kernel-xen xen

2.  I was going to manipulate the Xen initrd but when I ls'ed into
the /boot directory - the installation did not include providing a Xen-
specific initrd.

3.  Well, at this point, I have:

a.  my Xen kernel:   vmlinuz-2.6.18-53.1.21.el5xen
b.  However, there is no initrd image specific to the above kernel.

4.  I'm still booted and running on my non-Xen kernel:
uname -r

5.  I can't boot against the new vmlinuz kernel via the pxelinux.cfg
since I would have to pass on an initrd that has been generated from a
CentOS xen kernel ...

My question - is there a way around this situation so that I could
maybe edit or hack the current initrd so as to make it boot with the
xen kernel?  Or should I just reinstall Centos with Xen on hard drive
and build my iscsiRoot and initrd the proper way?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

- a.
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