shreyas wrote:
> Hi,
> I am putting it once again, as i dint get any response for my previous
> post. can anyone please reply to this mail so i can have some idea
> where the things are going wrong?

Did not see the post on the list.

> My query is-
> I am trying to use interface facility in development version.
> i created 2 interfaces (iface0001,and iface0002) , binded them with
> some iqn name , then did discovery (so database gets updated) and
> logged in to some iscsi target through that interfaces.
> now when i want to log out from only one interface (say iface0001).
> its not working.
> i used command
> as per the information in open-iscsi doc.
> "iscsiadm -m node -p {my.ip.addr.: 3260} -I iface0001 -u" this command
> do not log out but sends zero exit status.

That is the right command.

> when i use "iscsiadm -m node -p {my.ip.addr.: 3260} -u" it correctly
> log out from all interfaces.
> I am not getting why it is not working when i want to logout from only
> one/specific interface.

It looks like a bug. Are you using the iscsi modules from the 
development tarball or the ones from the kernel you are using?

Could you do:
iscsiadm -m iface
and send that outpout

and then login and try the logout command but with debuugging on like 
this (pass the command the -d 8):
iscsiadm -m node -p {my.ip.addr.: 3260} -I iface0001 -u -d 8

and send all the the output that gets printed.

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