agspoon wrote:
> We have an occasional problem where one LUN of a target (LUN-0) does
> not appear in a connection started by iscsistart.  This is in an iscsi-
> root scenario where iscsistart is called from within the initrd
> ramdisk image.  I don't why this happens, but I can detect when it
> does.  However, I don't know how to stop the connection and try
> again.  If I just re-run iscsistart, it complains that there is
> already a connection.  I tried just pulling out all the iscsi related
> modules and re-loading them, but they are "in use".

Does iscsistart return success for the login or does that return a error?

How many luns are exposed on this target/session? If there are multiple 
luns do some show up and others do not?

What target are you using? Does it do a session per lun? Some targets 
like Equalogic will create a target per lun so we end up with a session 
per lun.

> Is there some way to stop the connection so that I can reinvoke
> iscsistart and see all of my LUNs?  Some trick with /proc or /sys?  I
> don't have much to work with in this early user space environment, and
> I don't want it to grow too big.  Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Craig
> > 

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