Benjamin Li wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-06-04 at 03:51 -0700, Rakesh Ranjan wrote:

> Hi Rakesh,
> Converting the dependency between uIP and UIO shouldn't be a problem.
> We can make them more generic.  I apologize if it is a tad bit of a
> mess.  The coupling of uIP and UIO was from early versions of uIP; I
> haven't had the time to think, work, and clean up the code to accomplish
> this.  =(
> Please let me know what your plans are on how the Chelsio driver will
> communicate from user-space to the hardware and we can add/modify the
> hooks in the uIP stack.

Hi Li,

Isn't it possible to get rid of __brcm_iscsiuio__ daemon and move the 
related userspace UIO implementation into vendor provided library and do 
the needed modification into __iscsid__, so that depending upon 
configuration __iscsid__ would utilize the vendor provided hooks inside 
the vendor library to send/recv events. IMHO it would be neat approach.

To provide configurable option to vendor library we could use 
__iface/nic0__ interface.


iface.nic_handler = "";
iface.rx_poll_usec = "10";
iface.nic_dev = "/dev/uio0"

Rakesh Ranjan

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