Mike Christie wrote:
> Sorry for the really late response on this.
> On 06/25/2009 08:25 AM, Rakesh Ranjan wrote:
>> Li, I have attached the diff against git master, please go through it. I
>> have merged the contents of uip directory and nic related files into one
>> common libuip. So now offload dir looks like
>> offload/drivers
>> offload/libuip
>> Mike, what are your thoughts about linking uip core code int iscsid.
>> Weather it gonna be static or dynamic ? Also it would be very helpful if
> I think we would want to do it static, because it will make the distro 
> boot and installer stuff easier.
>> you could help on adding additional iface options.
>> Regards
>> Rakesh Ranjan
> Was the attached patch ok for a starting point? I will cleanup the 
> open-iscsi/user and include stuff and add the uip stuff as is and then 
> put it in a new branch for us to work off of.

Hi Mike,

I have done some more changes to the basic design, I will send the 
changes to you by tomorrow. I think those changeset can be used as a 
starting point.

Rakesh Ranjan

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