On 10/07/2009 10:15 AM, Hoot, Joseph wrote:
> Thanks for the info Stephan.  I'm taking your response into
> consideration and will most likely NOT go forward with this based on
> your response, as well as Oracle's response to this same type of
> question.  They seemed to believe that performance may be impacted.
> 1) However, before I completely ditch the idea, does anyone know if
> this is even possible?<-- that is, using linux software bridges via
> the `brctl` command.

I have never tested that before.  I am not sure why it would not work. 
In your setup, does iscsiadm fail when you try to login? At that time 
are you trying to also use ifaces? If you do not use them does it work?

In /var/log/messages, do you see a error message from iscsid? What is it?

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