Hi all,

I'm trying to understand what I'm seeing in my /var/log/messages.  Here's what 
I have:

Nov 13 10:49:47 oim6102506 kernel:  connection5:0: ping timeout of 10 secs 
expired, last rx 191838122, last ping 191839372, now 191841872
Nov 13 10:49:47 oim6102506 kernel:  connection5:0: detected conn error (1011)
Nov 13 10:49:47 oim6102506 iscsid: Kernel reported iSCSI connection 5:0 error 
(1011) state (3)
Nov 13 10:49:50 oim6102506 iscsid: Login authentication failed with target 
Nov 13 10:49:52 oim6102506 iscsid: connection5:0 is operational after recovery 
(1 attempts)

the first line, what is "connection5:0"?  is that referenced from iscsiadm 
somewhere? I only ask because I'm seeing iscsid messages and kernel messages.  
I also have dm-multipath running, which usually shows up as dm-multipath or 
something like that.  I understand that iscsid is the process that is logging 
in and out.  But is the "kernel:" message just an iscsi modules that is loaded 
into the kernel, which is why it is being logged as "kernel:"?

Maybe one of these modules?
iscsi_tcp              19785  46 
libiscsi_tcp           21829  1 iscsi_tcp
libiscsi2              41285  3 ib_iser,iscsi_tcp,libiscsi_tcp
scsi_transport_iscsi2    37197  5 ib_iser,iscsi_tcp,libiscsi2
scsi_transport_iscsi     6085  1 scsi_transport_iscsi2

I'm just trying to make sure that all of my timeout values line up properly so 
that, for example, OCFS2 filesystem doesn't timeout prior to iSCSI.  I'd rather 
verify that iSCSI reconnections are attempted every 10 seconds  and then 
dm-multipath has 30 seconds to timeout and then OCFS2 has 60 seconds before it 
times out (or something along those lines).  So if I understand the logging a 
bit more, it'll help me.


Joseph R. Hoot
Lead System Programmer/Analyst
(w) 716-878-4832
(c) 716-759-HOOT
GPG KEY:   7145F633

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