Hoot, Joseph wrote:
> On Nov 16, 2009, at 8:19 PM, Hoot, Joseph wrote:
>> thanks.  That helps.  So I know that with the EqualLogic targets, there is a 
>> "Group IP" which, I believe, responds with an iscsi login_redirect. 
>> 1) Could the "Login authentication failed" message be the response because 
>> of a login redirect messages from the EQL redirect?
>> and then my next question is more for curiosity sake:
>> 2) Are there plans in the future to have more than one connection per 
>> session?  and I guess in addition to that, would that mean multiple 
>> connections to a single volume over the same nic?
> Also Mike, I'm seeing one or two of these every 30-40 minutes if I slam our 
> EqualLogic with roughly 7-15k IOPS (reads and writes) non stop on 3 volumes.  
> In this type of scenario, would you expect to see timeouts like this once in 
> awhile?  If so, do you think increasing my NOOP timeouts would assist so we 
> don't get these?  maybe set it to 15 seconds instead of 10?

It might be a bug.

What version of open-iscsi are you using? What kernel? Is it a distro or 
kernel.org one? And are you using the open-iscsi kernel modules that 
come with a open-iscsi.org tarball or the kernel modules that come with 
your kernel?


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