In the open-iscsi git tree there is now offload boot support. The driver must support ibft or OF. This means that bnx2i and cxgb3i are supported. If you run

iscsistart -b
iscsiadm -m fw -l

it will create sessions using the offload card that was used for boot.

iscsiadm -m discovery -t fw

This will create ifaces or update existing ones with the ibft/of info for the offload card, and it will set things up so the targets in ibft/of are setup in the node db to accessed through the card.

However, because I am not sure if any distros can support this and it conflicts with the old behavior I turned it off by default. To turn it on you need to compile the userspace code with OFFLOAD_BOOT_SUPPORTED.

To support this, distros or users that like pain, should add the offlaod driver (cxgb3i or bnx2i) to the initramfs, and for bnx2i you need to also throw in the brcm or uip (depends on the code version/base) daemon in the initramfs and start it before running iscsistart or iscsiadm.
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