So... I realize that OpenJPA is super-new to Apache, and this is for sure the reason that the documentation is currently located at what appears to be a non-permanent place (

- Is there a plan to migrate this stuff do a different location? (either or

- Is preferred to

- There are certain resources that have bad links to non-existent locations in the current documentation.

For instance: from here...
trying to get to here...

Marc noted in a previous thread that, in this specific case, the tutorial files simply had not been committed to the apache repo yet. This is something I'm willing to prepare a patch for. Not that the tutorial work is all that glorious, but it seems like something that would be good to have available for folks considering using OpenJPA who want to give the project the 15 minute sniff test.

- My real motive in asking these questions is that I've run across some documentation that I'd like to add to, and wondered if/when it was going to make its way to a wiki so people can contribute.

- If the only thing stopping this stuff from getting to a wiki is bandwidth of the current dev team, can someone point me in the right direction so I can run with it?



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