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On May 3, 2017 13:03, Bert Verhees <> wrote:
On 03-05-17 12:53, Thomas Beale wrote:
On 03/05/2017 11:40, Bert Verhees wrote:
On 03-05-17 12:36, Thomas Beale wrote:

The only missing part, now that I look at the SNOMED Compositional 
Grammar<> and Expression 
Constraint Language<> specs, 
is how to create a URI (which is the type of a term binding in 
 from a post-coordinated expression or constraint expression. This should be 
trivial, but I don't see where SNOMED has specified it.

True, I was looking for that also, a few days ago. I don't have time to read 
much now, but there is a document on the SNOMED site on URI's, maybe it is in 
I can take a look later or look in my documentation, I have course materials. I 
come back to this tomorrow if not someone else already has.

The URI spec is 
but it doesn't address URIs for expressions either.

(All the SNOMED language specs appear to be 
 these days - nice and convenient, and also nicely published. We probably 
should go back to linking to them somewhere on the openEHR site).

I checked my course materials from last year, lucky I found it quickly, there 
is not any mentioning of URI's for expressions, so I guess it does not yet 



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