Seems like the only way right now is creating refsets and referencing them
with standard URIs...

2017-05-03 13:02 GMT+02:00 Bert Verhees <>:

> On 03-05-17 12:53, Thomas Beale wrote:
> On 03/05/2017 11:40, Bert Verhees wrote:
> On 03-05-17 12:36, Thomas Beale wrote:
> The only missing part, now that I look at the SNOMED Compositional Grammar
> <> and Expression
> Constraint Language <>
> specs, is how to create a URI (which is the type of a term binding in ADL2
> <>)
> from a post-coordinated expression or constraint expression. This should be
> trivial, but I don't see where SNOMED has specified it.
> True, I was looking for that also, a few days ago. I don't have time to
> read much now, but there is a document on the SNOMED site on URI's, maybe
> it is in there?
> I can take a look later or look in my documentation, I have course
> materials. I come back to this tomorrow if not someone else already has.
> The URI spec is here
> <>,
> but it doesn't address URIs for expressions either.
> (All the SNOMED language specs appear to be here
> <>
> these days - nice and convenient, and also nicely published. We probably
> should go back to linking to them somewhere on the openEHR site).
> I checked my course materials from last year, lucky I found it quickly,
> there is not any mentioning of URI's for expressions, so I guess it does
> not yet exist.
> Stupid.
> Bert
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