I like the idea of some of the archetypes being compared to good wines 😊

Another alternative is to submit the requirements you have identified, maybe 
best by email to me, and we can see how we might best be able to support you. 
It might not be a rapid turn around, though. I think getting these archetypes 
into good shape would be useful to many app developers.

Would that be helpful to you?



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Thanks for your advice, Heather. To be honest about this. The problem is that I 
did not study medical informatics, and I am not sure that archetypes I write 
will be regarded as good enough to stand in the showcase. I was hoping to get 
some interested to help with that, and then someone who is regarded as 
knowledgeable to get them in the place and keep them there. Because if that 
fails the work has been done in vain. And I have a busy life.

But that plan failed. So now plan B. I have found decent datamodels to register 
different kind of sportactivities, and the archetypes you list will certainly 
help. So maybe I give it a try and people will after reading this, judge my 
work mildly.

So thanks again, after my holiday (tomorrow I go), I will give it a try. I have 
already written quite a few archetypes, of reasonable quality, but of course 
not as matured as the good wines from CKM.

best regards
Op do 25 okt. 2018 07:26 schreef Heather Leslie 
Hi Bert,

The only way archetypes get included in CKM is that someone builds them and 
offers them for sharing. And scope for all archetypes includes your use case of 
consumer entered data, where it is appropriate. So if something you need is not 
there please work actively with us to improve the situation.

I suggest that you propose candidate archetypes to CKM where they don’t exist 
or make change requests to existing ones where they need improvement.


  *   Lifestyle factors - https://ckm.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.1648
  *   Story/History - https://ckm.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.68. 
Named ‘story’ precisely to be inclusive of consumer entered data.
  *   Goal - https://ckm.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.124
  *   Physical activity summary - 
  *   Tobacco smoking summary - 
  *   Smokeless tobacco summary - 
  *   Tobacco use - https://ckm.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.1629 – 
needs to be internalised from the old NEHTA CKM and updated with more recent 
  *   Alcohol consumption summary - 
  *   Alcohol intake https://ckm.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.216 – 
also needs to be updated with more recent patterns
  *   Substance use – https://ckm.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.146 - 
needs an update based on further requirements and finalisation of other OBS 
patters for tobacco and alcohol
  *   Food item - https://ckm.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.1922
  *   Dietary nutrients - 
  *   Micronutrients - https://ckm.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.2744
  *   Fetal movement - https://ckm.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.216
And all the others that are applicable across all domains…

  *   Story
  *   Body weight
  *   Height
  *   Waist circumference
  *   BMI
  *   Vital signs – Blood pressure, pulse, temperature
  *   Family History
  *   Problems
  *   Adverse reactions
  *   Menstrual cycle

They may not be ready for use out of the box for your purpose or published or 
covering all potential concepts, but there are a considerable number that are 
applicable for use by consumers and are not a bad starting point.

Kind regards


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Subject: Re: e-health services landscape - initial proposal, open forum

I miss lifestyle and sport-services which are not explicitly problem related. 
Maybe others have other suggestions, but I like to focus on these. I think that 
is the near future, and not already planning them in will be a missed chance. 
The meaning of the term Healthcare will change to its true meaning. Care 
related to Health, not only illness. Lifestyle data will be important, already 
now insurance companies are registering if customers smoke or do sport, and 
which sport. Some people write down everything they eat.

People use their smartphone to communicate and exchange information. 
Interestingly, an increasing number of people collect health data on their 
smartphone such as information about their mood, activity level, nutrition or 
vital signs including blood pressure or blood glucose levels. Medical research 
could greatly benefit from these ‘real life’ data. I think OpenEhr must be 
prepared for this to come, give it room, embrace it.

The same counts for archetypes, there are no archetypes on CKM which are fit to 
register these kind of things.

I had this discussion already a few times on OpenEhr mailinglists, I only got 
laughters as reply, that is why I hesitate to discuss it here, but with this, I 
give it one more chance, just for fun, not expecting any serious result.

On 23-10-18 16:58, Thomas Beale wrote:

Every so often I get bored of what I am doing and start trying to draw one of 
those 'services roadmap' kind of diagrams. These often pretty pictures appear 
in slide presentations, in standards, whitepapers etc, but are not often used 
as a tool to help map out the road ahead. We do however need some sort of 
vision of the future for staking out new services. I like my latest version 
enough that I thought it would be worth putting up publicly to get reactions 
and input.

Please comment and/or add content to the wiki 

- thomas


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