As mentioned elsewhere, while I completely agree on the lifestyle / sports / wellness needs in the wider e-health context, at the moment I am not sure if special SOA services are needed or not, since these kinds of data can be committed to the EHR using the generic EHR service, just as for any other kind of data - it's just different archetypes. It may be that special services for e.g. performance tracking or whatever are needed, but for now I'm assuming all that stuff is done by applications, not services.

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On 23/10/2018 22:10, Bert Verhees wrote:

I miss lifestyle and sport-services which are not explicitly problem related. Maybe others have other suggestions, but I like to focus on these. I think that is the near future, and not already planning them in will be a missed chance. The meaning of the term Healthcare will change to its true meaning. Care related to Health, not only illness. Lifestyle data will be important, already now insurance companies are registering if customers smoke or do sport, and which sport. Some people write down everything they eat.

People use their smartphone to communicate and exchange information. Interestingly, an increasing number of people collect health data on their smartphone such as information about their mood, activity level, nutrition or vital signs including blood pressure or blood glucose levels. Medical research could greatly benefit from these ‘real life’ data. I think OpenEhr must be prepared for this to come, give it room, embrace it.

The same counts for archetypes, there are no archetypes on CKM which are fit to register these kind of things.

I had this discussion already a few times on OpenEhr mailinglists, I only got laughters as reply, that is why I hesitate to discuss it here, but with this, I give it one more chance, just for fun, not expecting any serious result.

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