Yes that works. It is also common to use the name/value attribute of the
Composition root to identify a specific composition.
Normally the name/value attribute of a templated Composition defaults to
the underlying Composition archetype croot concept name e.g 'Bericht' but
it can be renamed at template level and then queried

select a
from EHR e contains COMPOSITION a
where a/name/value ='My local composition name'

I have tended to use name/value but am coming round to using the
templateId - both are valid.


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On Tue, 17 Sep 2019 at 12:44, Georg Fette <>

> Hi Ian,
> Sorry, I did not mean specifically imaging data.
> What I meant was that all our templates are based on the archetype
> My question therefore was, if the only possibility to retrieve all data
> for a specific template type is by querying with something you described:
> select a
> from EHR e contains COMPOSITION a
> where a/archetype_details/template_id/value ='My lovely template'
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