Greg Woodhouse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 Your two questions will have different answers because the usage and business 
models will be different. HIS will be used by differnet people for differnt 
purposes. The government will expect high degree of safety, but will be abale 
to bare the costs. A hospital or a group providing healthcare maybe happy with 
a lesser degree of safety, will expect to spend less. There will be doctors who 
want a system to just to a EMR with bulling and insurance, for research and/or 
audit who may not be too concerned with security so much and will expect 
something affordable and user friendly.
 Certifiction maybe unnecesary for them
 If certification is costly, the software and licences will also be costly and 
some end users may not be happy to pay for this. In less developed countries 
when $100 is what a doctor may make for a month, costs will be a serious 
problem. But hey will wnat to keep an EMR too!
 In the US, the US government will require the highest level of sfety and 
certification at various levels maybe needed.
 DIfferent worlds need different needs. 
     Aren't we missing the larger issue? Proper certification of health
 information systems is going to be expensive, and that is probably
 unavoidable. Moeover, someone is going to have to bear the burden of
 that cost. I'm not sure that this question should really be tied to the
 certification model, though. One issue is primarily technical: How do
 we determine that this device or system is safe? The other is a
 business question: Who's going to pay for it?
 Gregory Woodhouse  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 "It is foolish to answer a question that
 you do not understand."
 --G. Polya ("How to Solve It")

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