Hi Hans

On 16.09.2016 11:58, Hans J. Albertsson wrote:
zpool remove-ing, physically replacing, booting, formatting and zpool
replace-ing the broken disk fails!

I did

# zpool remove rpool c1t1d0s0 ( This was the broken disk )

halted the system,.

Physically replaced the VERY old seagate barracuda 500GB with a Seagate
ST2000... 2TB disk

booted up, the disk configured and was visible, ran format, put in a
partition 0 to cover the whole disk, and then did

# zpool replace -f rpool c1t1d0s0
cannot replace c1t1d0s0 with c1t1d0s0: devices have different sector

Is ths 512b sectors vs 4kb sectors??? Or what happened??
This looks to be pretty much the case.

You can use prtvtoc to check that.

See Manpage and this wiki entry for details: http://wiki.illumos.org/display/illumos/ZFS+and+Advanced+Format+disks

However as Nikolam mentioned, you have very old OI Installation.
Thus every functionality mentioned in Guides may have changed in the meantime. Or not be present in your Version of OI.

Your best bet is to update the server if you can. and see if this solves the Problem for you. If it does not, then the community can help debuging the Problem.


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