There's an impressive list of JavaFX-related content at this year's JavaOne.

Good to see both iOS and Android featured!

Enterprise JavaFX [CON2341]
offers a lot of awesome features for creating modern, interactive user
interfaces. But in addition to a shiny UI, there are other important issues
that must be ... View More
 Integrating Swing with JavaFX [CON3173]
session describes techniques that enable Swing and JavaFX to work together.
 JavaFX Everywhere [BOF1578]
session shows the current state of JavaFX on different platforms such as
desktops, Raspberry Pi, i.MX6, and some mobile platforms. The session is
based on a demo that ...View More
 Test-Driven Development with JavaFX [CON4599]
session presents existing testing tools and frameworks in their current
stage of development. It compares the capabilities and the kinds of impacts
of existing projects. ...View More
 Enterprise JavaFX with OpenDolphin [TUT2257]
Java applications run on the server. They still need a display, though, and
the most capable one is JavaFX on the desktop. OpenDolphin introduces a
shared ... View More
 JavaFX 8: New and Noteworthy [CON3255]
new features were added to JavaFX for JDK8. JavaFX is now part of the
Oracle JDK, so you can make use of these features with a minimum of fuss.
Come to this session to ... View More
 JavaFX 3-D Animation: Bringing Duke to Life [CON2903]
session delves into 3-D animation in JavaFX, including the process by which
Duke was brought to life in the 3-D animated chess demo at JavaOne 2013.
Concepts covered are ...View More
 Lambda-izing JavaFX [CON3248]
of the best things about lambda is that it is backward-compatible with
inner classes. If an inner class provides a single abstract method (SAM), a
lambda can be ... View More
 JavaFX CSS API [TUT3227]
session provides an introduction to the JavaFX CSS API, with details on how
to use the API to add CSS styles to JavaFX controls and nodes. CSS is a
powerful feature in ... View More
 The JavaFX Community and Ecosystem [CON3473]
you want to start working with JavaFX but don’t know where you can find all
the cool tutorials and open source APIs? This session is the perfect place
to be! Leading up to ... View More
 Text Rendering Quality in JavaFX [BOF3221]
it comes to text rendering, there is no single solution that will please
all eyes. This BOF discusses the current text rendering technologies on
JavaFX and explores ... ... View More
 Porting JavaFX Embedded [BOF3305]
BOF covers porting JavaFX Embedded to new platforms. Come meet with some of
the team and learn about the inside of JavaFX.
 Swing Away! Move to JavaFX 8 and the NetBeans Platform [TUT2372]
NetBeans platform is known for its comprehensive window framework and
loosely coupled architecture. JavaFX offers a rich set of visually
appealing GUI components. This ...View More
 JavaFX Coding Playground (JavaFX-Based Live Editor Tool) [BOF2730]
past few years have seen various online code playgrounds that offer ways to
experiment with browser-based client-side code (HTML5) to enable Web
developers to rapidly ... ... View More
 The New JavaFX Accessibility API [CON3193]
complete presentation on the new JavaFX Accessibility API proposal is ideal
for developers using the JavaFX Control Library who need to enhance the
default accessibility ...View More
 Creating Amazing Interactive Visualizations with JavaFX [CON2951]
session explores the visual expressiveness of JavaFX and discusses how to
create highly interactive and dynamic visualizations. Among other things,
it takes a look at ... View More
 Reactive Modeling of Automotive User Interfaces with JavaFX [CON3700]
interfaces for automotive infotainment systems are developed for various
models, brands, and markets at Volkswagen Group. Inspired by an OSGi-based
app framework from ... View More
 Introduction to JavaFX Scenic View [BOF3066]
miss this introduction to the Scenic View tool, which enables you to
explore how a JavaFX scene graph is laid out, in real time. By the end of
this BOF, you should be ... View More
 Build, Test, and Deploy JavaFX Applications with Ease [CON3553]
is it that there are so many different options in the JVM space for
building web applications but so few when it comes to desktop applications?
This presentation ... View More
 JavaFX at [CON4737]
Eclipse only about SWT? This is the main conception you’ll hear when
talking with people about Eclipse. Although it’s been true for a long time,
it has been changing ... View More
 Building Custom JavaFX Controls [CON3064]
get an overview of how to build UI controls in JavaFX, ranging from a
simplistic approach to a fully baked approach designed for reusability.
This is a code-heavy ... View More
 Running JavaFX Applications on Android [CON1804]
the past several years, JavaFX has established itself as a great platform
for creating highly interactive applications. JavaFX is supported on
desktop systems and ... View More
 JavaFX Embedded: Graphics in an Internet of Things World [CON3307]
Embedded brings modern Java-based graphics to a range of Internet of Things
devices. This session demonstrates the capabilities and the range of
performance of JavaFX ... View More
 Productive JavaFX 8 [CON2265]
is included with JDK 1.8, supports CSS 3 skinning and data binding, and
comes with a WYSIWYG editor: the Scene Builder. In this session, a ... View
 JavaFX Versus HTML5 [CON3258]
presentation takes a pragmatic approach to comparing JavaFX and HTML5,
using an application written in JavaFX versus the same functionality
written in HTML5 to ... View More
 NASA Mission Software Development on the Eights: Java 8, JavaFX 8, and
NetBeans 8 [CON1994]
latest Java and JavaFX technologies are very attractive software platforms
for customers involved in space mission operations such as those of NASA
and the US Air Force. ... View More
 Be in Control of Your JavaFX Mission [CON2262]
with JDK 8u20, Java Flight Recorder (JFR) and Java Mission Control (JMC)
can help you look under the hood of the JavaFX runtime to better understand
the behavior of ... View More
 Real-Time Financial Applications Using JavaFX [CON7645]
the successor to Swing, is the toolkit for creating rich client
applications across multiple platforms. This session presents an overview
of how Celer Technologies ... View More
 JavaFX in the Cloud with OpenDolphin [CON2179]
applications run on the server. They still need a display, though, and the
most capable one is JavaFX on the desktop. OpenDolphin introduces a shared
presentation model ... View More
 JavaFX 3D: Advanced Application Development [CON1993]
3D usage has already begun to find a home within the Java ecosystem. In
this session, a panel of JavaFX 3D experts provides live demonstrations of
software tools that ...View More
 Building Java Applications with JavaFX 8 and Java EE 7 [CON2150]
combination of JavaFX 8 for the client side and Java EE 7 for the server
side can enable developers to build hybrid applications never seen before.
With JavaFX’s ability ... View More
 Packaging Your JavaFX Apps for the Mac and the Mac App Store [CON2228]
your JavaFX app into the hands of end users is often as important as
writing the app in the first place. This session outlines the processes,
tools (including the ... ... View More
 Developing JavaFX RCP with the Eclipse4 Application Platform [TUT4874]
is the new runtime platform the Eclipse IDE is built upon. It is the
successor to Eclipse3.x and enables people to develop RCP applications not
only with SWT but ... ... View More
 Create the Game 2048 with Java 8 and JavaFX [HOL3244]
developing the famous game 2048 with JavaFX and Java 8 in this hands-on lab
session, you will encounter several new language features such as Stream
API, lambda ... View More
 Smart UIs for Mobile and Embedded in JavaFX [BOF3453]
need a shiny, cool UI for embedded devices? It should be optimized for
touch? It should be responsive? It should be configurable? It should be
based on JavaFX? Great! ... ... View More
 Lessons Learned in Developing a NetBeans PDF Viewer Plug-in in JavaFX
the NetBeans platform and desktop Java have changed considerably for the
better in the last few years, which prompted IDR Solutions to take
advantage of both to write a ... View More
 JavaFX Controls: Debugging Controls [BOF3234]
there a bug in your code or in the runtime? Debugging JavaFX can be
difficult. Knowing where and when to set breakpoints in runtime code can
help narrow it down, as this ... View More
 Where’s My UI? The 2014 JavaOne Web App UI Smackdown [CON2801]
original JavaOne web application smackdown was nine years ago now, and can
you believe that we as an industry are still trying to figure it out? Of
course you can. So ... ... View More
 Create JavaFX Layouts Like a Boss [CON6149]
session provides a thorough explanation of how to use MigLayout, an open
source layout manager that is available for Swing, SWT, Android, and QT and
is now also fully ... View More
 Building Nonblocking JavaFX 8 Applications with JacpFX [CON1823]
bus, message passing, and async execution are concepts that are getting
more and more popular for server-side applications. JacpFX brings this
approach to the client, ... View More
 How to Build the Game 2048 with JavaFX and Java 8: Lessons Learned[CON2710]
trending game called 2048 has gotten a lot of attention this year, with
several implementations for mobile smartphones and tablets as well as
online JavaScript versions. ... View More
 Tweet for Beer! Beer Tap Powered by Java Goes Internet of Things and JavaFX
warned! In this session, attendees over 21 might get drunk. It
demonstrates, end-to-end, how to DIY a Java-powered beer tap. The
presentation shows you a visual Java SE 8 ... View More
 Nashorn: Content Developer’s Guide to JavaScript and JavaFX [CON3188]
is the new JavaScript engine released with JDK8. One of Nashorn’s main
features is the ability to seamlessly connect to existing Java and JavaFX
libraries. This ... ... View More
 Meet the Oracle Java and JavaFX Client Teams [BOF3297]
BOF is an excellent opportunity to meet development engineers from the
Oracle JavaFX, AWT/Swing, and Java 2D teams. It’s expected to be a lively
discussion about the ... ... View More
 Gantt Get No Satisfaction: Until JavaFX, ControlsFX, and the Time API
Rocked the Scene [CON1820]
is a very complex and highly specialized custom Gantt chart control
initially written for Swing and now reimplemented for JavaFX. This session
compares the two ... ... View More
 JavaFX Packager Tool Integration Deep Dive [BOF2248]
JavaFX Packager has a new API in 8u20 to ease development for tool and IDE
vendors. This BOF dives into the deep technical details of how the new API
works and shows how ...View More
 Rapid Internet of Things UI with JavaFX and Scene Builder [CON6366]
session shows how to use Scene Builder and JavaFX to rapidly prototype,
evolve, and deploy exciting embedded UIs for the Internet of Things. It
explores using Scene ... ... View More
 JavaFX on Your Wall, in Your Car, or on a Plane [CON6353]
and sexy, JavaFX is the perfect toolkit for creating cool UIs for embedded
applications such as on-wall displays, in-car dashboards, or in-flight
entertainment systems. ... View More
 JavaFX CSS: Hacking Unsupported Features [CON3275]
are some CSS features that aren’t supported yet, but that shouldn’t stop
you from rolling your own. This session shows how to use some simple hacks
to make use of ... ...View More
 Pi on Wheels: DIY Robot for Teaching Java in the Context of the Internet
of Things [CON5199]
Pi on Wheels is an affordable open source DIY robot that is ideal for
teaching Java-related technologies in the context of the Internet of
Things. It can be controlled ... View More
 In Control with ControlsFX [CON2079]
is an open source project for JavaFX that aims to provide high-quality UI
controls and other tools to complement the core JavaFX distribution. It was
developed for ... View More
 Apache TomEE, Java EE Web Profile, and More on Tomcat [CON6782]
at JavaOne 2011 and winning a JavaOne Rock Star award in 2012 and 2013,
Apache TomEE combines the simplicity of Tomcat with the power of Java EE.
TomEE offers Java ... View More
 GlassFish Community BOF [BOF3303]
GlassFish community has had a tradition of getting together at JavaOne for
the past few years. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet key members of the
Oracle GlassFish ... View More
 RIA Technologies and Frameworks Panel [CON2600]
this session, a panel discusses the different types of RIA technologies and
frameworks: Swing, JavaFX, and HTML5. The questions to be discussed include
the following: What ...View More
 Jetty Features [BOF2237]
Jetty server has added some exciting new features since the last JavaOne,
including HTTP2, Servlet 3.1, and quick start. This BOF session introduces
these features, gains ...View More
 Plugging into the Java Compiler [CON4265]
Java compiler enables plug-ins (annotation processors) to analyze source
code and generate source code to be compiled in the same compilation job.
This powerful technique ...View More
 ZombieTime: JSR 310 for the Undead [CON4688]
as a zombie is tough: with the constant risks of sunlight, fire, and pesky
mobs, doing your job of infecting the local villagers can be deadly.
Fortunately, with ... View More
 Java on iOS? Yes, You Can! [CON3698]
goal of the RoboVM open source project is to bring Java and other JVM
languages to iOS devices without compromise. With its ahead-of-time
compiler, RoboVM translates Java ...View More
 Practical Guide to Making Your Home Smart with Java ME Embedded [CON3996]
session focuses on practical usage of Java ME Embedded in our day-to-day
life. Live coding and a real demo with home electronics such as an
electronic lamp, heater, or ... View More
 SnapCoding for Education [CON2261]
is a new free IDE for education that helps students create animations,
games, and apps by dragging puzzle pieces to create Java and JavaFX
programs. It has the ease ...View More
 Lambda Programming Laboratory [HOL3373]
in trying out the new lambda feature in Java 8? If so, this “higher-order
lab” is for you. Participants will use JDK 8 and NetBeans to work on
exercises intended ... View More
 Do-It-Yourself Usability Design for Developers [CON1712]
user experience (UX) is essential in modern software, be it a web
application based on Java EE, Spring, Play, or a similar framework or a
rich client developed with ... View More
 Using Java 8 to Process Government Open Data [BOF6697]
session shows how the latest Java release has the tools for creating useful
applications to help citizens to explore open data of their government.
Governments generate ... View More
 Creating Our Robot Overlords: Autonomous Drone Development with Java and
the Internet of Things [CON1863]
wants a mindless drone? Teach it to “think,” and it can do so much more.
But how do you take it from Toy Story to Terminator? This session’s
speakers discuss their new ... View More
 DataFX: From External Data to a UI Flow and Back [CON3640]
open source project DataFX 8 builds on the core principle of DataFX 2: make
it easy for JavaFX developers to retrieve external data (using REST calls,
database systems, ... View More
 Reactive UIs with the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Pattern: Simple with [CON2403]
this session, you will learn about the benefits of using the MVVM design
pattern for a state-of-the-art UI. You know MVC and why it is good to
distinguish between the ... View More
 Extreme GUI Makeover [CON3474]
session is for all UI lovers, GUI enthusiasts, and friends of a modern and
user-friendly user experience. JavaFX 8, a new UI toolkit that is part of
Java 8, offers a lot ... View More
 NightHacking Gear Revealed! [CON4776]
the NightHacking Tour (, this session’s speaker
cruises around the world on a motorcycle, acting simultaneously as a
presenter, demo expert, ... View More
 Stop! Or My Duke Will Shoot! [CON2178]
Internet of Things needs an application architecture that enables the
gathering of information from many devices; aggregation and processing of
that data, including human ...View More

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