Let's be a little bit more positive here guys...

>From the link I posted you can see that there is a ton of JavaFX content at
JavaOne this year which is a very. very good sign in itself.

And, as I said, both iOS and Android are mentioned with featured sessions.
 This is *new* in the sense that these sessions were not there last year
(even if they may have been announced and cancelled prior to the actual

Orc course we all agree that JavaFX must run on iOS and Android for it to
be viable long-term but that's exactly what Johan and the wizards at RoboVM
are doing.  Sure, it's not *official* Oracle support yet but that will come.

For those who are not aware, when Sun first released Java, it did not run
on Linux.  One member from the community stepped-up, put the hours in and
used his brilliant brain to port Java to Linux and that this port was
subsequently officially adopted by Sun themselves.

That person was Johan so if anyone is going to be in charge of the JavaFX
to Android port then Johan is the best person I can think of.

Oracle themselves now are publicly throwing their support behind RoboVM and
Johan's ports and we all need to do the same.  As a community, we can make
these ports happen and then I am extremely confident that Oracle will
embrace them officially.


On 21 June 2014 07:31, Pedro Duque Vieira <pedro.duquevie...@gmail.com>

> @Johan
> Hey Johan,
> Nothing new in the sense that I know your excellent work on the android
> port, by the way thank you very much for that, please keep it up :). And I
> also know the work on the ios side with RoboVM.
> -
> If it is correct that JavaFX won't be supporting iOS or Android
> (officially), IMO JavaFX will start fading away as soon as there is a
> reliable technology that can create apps for all platforms. Like for
> instance, improvements to HTML5 or other technologies that might arise.
> The user percentage of desktop users is dropping significantly in favor of
> mobile platforms.
> On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 8:04 PM, Johan Vos <jo...@lodgon.com> wrote:
> > Hi Pedro,
> >
> > What makes you think there is nothing new?
> >
> > - Johan
> >
> >
> > 2014-06-20 18:43 GMT+02:00 Pedro Duque Vieira <
> pedro.duquevie...@gmail.com
> > >:
> >
> > Unfortunately there's nothing new and no Oracle sessions on that subject
> -
> >> javafx on ios and/or android...
> >>
> >> :(
> >>
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> >> Pedro Duque Vieira
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