Yes, apologies for that link, please ignore it, I only read the first part of 
that article and should have vetted it more closely before relaying.

I am academically curious about the concept of ART though, whether JavaFX works 
with it and if it is better to use a VM style runtime or AOT style variant when 
targeting deployment of JavaFX to mobile devices.  I guessing the current 
JavaFX Android port would just work out of the box with ART because it is 
targeting the Dalvik runtime and as far as I understand ART will just take the 
Dalvik bytecode and compile it to the native device code when an app is 
installed on the device.

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That first article was so wrong about nearly everything mentioned in it that it 
made me want to vomit.

On Jun 23, 2014, at 2:31 PM, John Smith <> wrote:

> I don't know much about Android, but does it have to be a VM, or could you 
> use ART or an ART equivalent:
> John

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