Keeping WebKit as up-to-date with upstream as possible is the most
important thing for me personally.

Also upgrading the "org.w3c.dom" from HTML 4 to HTML 5 is a big one as
well. As an example,
the version of WebKit JavaFX uses supports "Document.querySelectorAll()"
which can be used via:

webView = new WebView();
HTMLDivElement divElement = (HTMLDivElement)
        "document.querySelectorAll('div.note, div.alert')[0]");

However this is not type-safe. If the "org.w3c.dom" library was updated for
then the type-safe:

HTMLDivElement divElement
        "div.note, div.alert")[0]; // or get(0), depending on if Collection
or array is returned

version could be used instead.

This is just a silly made-up example, but it illustrates the point (I
hope!) that not having
the "org.w3c.dom" library as up-to-date as the WebKit version makes
executing Javascript code on a WebView less than ideal (mostly for reasons
of type safety,
as I mentioned.)

As for the list in the OP, I would give +1's to:

New layout containers (e.g. Flexbox)
Support for CSS animations
TableView improvements (cell spanning, row / column freezing, etc)
TableView performance
A JavaFX equivalent of the AWT Desktop APIs


On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 4:45 PM, Jonathan Giles <>

> Hi folks,
> Development on JDK 9 is slowly starting to ramp down, and we are starting
> to turn our attention to the goals for JavaFX in JDK 10 and beyond. We are
> starting to compile our list of what we think is important, but we really
> want to hear from the community about what their highest priorities are to
> them. As always, it's important to keep in mind what JavaFX is (e.g. it
> isn't aiming to be a high-performance game engine), but even still there
> are bound to be a number of places where people might want to weigh in, for
> example:
>  * New layout containers (e.g. Flexbox)
>  * Public APIs for UI control behaviors
>  * Marlin renderer enabled by default
>  * Support for CSS animations
>  * CSS performance improvements
>  * TableView improvements (cell spanning, row / column freezing, etc)
>  * TableView performance
>  * Focus traversal API
>  * WebGL support in WebView
>  * Improved image I/O support
>  * A JavaFX equivalent of the AWT Desktop APIs
>  * Multi-res image API
>  * NIO-backed writable images
> If there are other areas of interest that aren't listed here, please start
> discussing them and we can work together to determine priorities. If all
> you want to do is add a +1 for one of more of the items above, even that
> will be very useful.
> Thanks,
> -- Jonathan

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