There once was something called "Project Butter" for Android and
I would like to see something similar for JavaFX too. The goal should
be to make all user interactions with a JavaFX GUI as butter-smooth
as users expect them to be and as you can observe them in native
software. More specifically I'd like to see:

- general SG/CSS performance improvements
- more accurate rendering (double vs. float)
- use multi-threaded rendering with marlin renderer
- improved scrolling on touch devices
- hw-accellerated shifting of rectangular regions of a canvas
- better integration of external rendering engines into JavaFX (OpenGL, Media players, ...)


Am 08.12.16 um 00:45 schrieb Jonathan Giles:
Hi folks,

Development on JDK 9 is slowly starting to ramp down, and we are
starting to turn our attention to the goals for JavaFX in JDK 10 and
beyond. We are starting to compile our list of what we think is
important, but we really want to hear from the community about what
their highest priorities are to them. As always, it's important to
keep in mind what JavaFX is (e.g. it isn't aiming to be a
high-performance game engine), but even still there are bound to be a
number of places where people might want to weigh in, for example:

 * New layout containers (e.g. Flexbox)
 * Public APIs for UI control behaviors
 * Marlin renderer enabled by default
 * Support for CSS animations
 * CSS performance improvements
 * TableView improvements (cell spanning, row / column freezing, etc)
 * TableView performance
 * Focus traversal API
 * WebGL support in WebView
 * Improved image I/O support
 * A JavaFX equivalent of the AWT Desktop APIs
 * Multi-res image API
 * NIO-backed writable images

If there are other areas of interest that aren't listed here, please
start discussing them and we can work together to determine
priorities. If all you want to do is add a +1 for one of more of the
items above, even that will be very useful.

-- Jonathan

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