+1 for CSS perf (diagnostic tooling for slow selectors like @Daniel Gloeckner 
referenced earlier would also be a bonus)
+ for scene graph rendering perf
+ table perf
+ table features and fixes (column freezing, row span, selection model fixes 
and memory leak fixes)
+ integration of controlsfx into JFX.


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> On 8/12/2016, at 7:07 AM, Chris Newland <cnewl...@chrisnewland.com> wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> +1 to that list for me.
> In my experience JavaFX performs well for the "low-level" (Canvas +
> GraphicsContext) stuff with one exception - the PixelWriter APIs appear do
> a lot of array duplication and copying under the hood which I believe can
> be optimised. I'll investigate further and try to come up with a patch.
> Nice to have (but lower priority than everything on the list) would be a
> public API for grabbing frames from a MediaPlayer which used to be
> possible in 8 with player.impl_getLatestFrame().
> Echoing Tom and Felix, my #1 priority would be fixing scenegraph
> performance as tables with large row counts and charts (e.g. XYChart) with
> large numbers of data points (e.g. 50K) in their Series can easily lead to
> multi-second render times and huge heap usage.
> Thanks for opening this discussion,
> Chris
>> On Wed, December 7, 2016 23:45, Jonathan Giles wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Development on JDK 9 is slowly starting to ramp down, and we are
>> starting to turn our attention to the goals for JavaFX in JDK 10 and
>> beyond. We are starting to compile our list of what we think is important,
>> but we really want to hear from the community about what their highest
>> priorities are to them. As always, it's important to keep in mind what
>> JavaFX is (e.g. it isn't aiming to be a high-performance
>> game engine), but even still there are bound to be a number of places where
>> people might want to weigh in, for example:
>> * New layout containers (e.g. Flexbox)
>> * Public APIs for UI control behaviors
>> * Marlin renderer enabled by default
>> * Support for CSS animations
>> * CSS performance improvements
>> * TableView improvements (cell spanning, row / column freezing, etc)
>> * TableView performance
>> * Focus traversal API
>> * WebGL support in WebView
>> * Improved image I/O support
>> * A JavaFX equivalent of the AWT Desktop APIs
>> * Multi-res image API
>> * NIO-backed writable images
>> If there are other areas of interest that aren't listed here, please
>> start discussing them and we can work together to determine priorities. If
>> all you want to do is add a +1 for one of more of the items above, even
>> that will be very useful.
>> Thanks,
>> -- Jonathan

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