Hello Tommy,

Thank you for the quick response.

Actually I could get an example command

dump_image empty.bin 0x8D000 185

But I get a response

Ignoring read of non readable area - Request address: 0x8D000, Request size 
184. Bytes successfully read: 0

Is there anyway to make these sections readable? Or any other way to read back 
the binary from the target.


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What do you need other than what's already in the documentation?


section 15.5

On athira nair n k <athira.nai...@gmail.com<mailto:athira.nai...@gmail.com>>, 
11 Jul 2018 6:19 am wrote:

I already put a query mail from my company email. But I have a doubt that the 
response is getting blocked. Hence mailing again from personal email too. Quick 
Support is highly appreciated.

I came across this command to read the image out from hardware.
Image loading commands
Command: dump_image filename address size

I am using WM-BAN-BM-33_EVB V3.0 board with olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H JTAG.

Can you provide me with an example and direction on how to read the flashed 
image out from the hardware.


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