Hello Michael,

I see the board config files have the memory map proper as below, and the flash 
address is starting at 0x04000000. I tried this location and from 0x0 also. But 
I get the same error everywhere.

$_TARGETNAME configure -memorymap RW 0x00000000                   32 FLOPS      
         "Interrupt Vectors"
$_TARGETNAME configure -memorymap RO  0x00400000 0x00090000 ROM                 
$_TARGETNAME configure -memorymap RW 0x004A0000 0x00202000 RAM                  
$_TARGETNAME configure -memorymap RW 0x008A0000 0x00202000 RAM2                
$_TARGETNAME configure -memorymap RW 0x14000000 0x04000000 SFLASH              
$_TARGETNAME configure -memorymap RW 0x18000000 0x00027000 BACKPLANE      
"Backplane Registers"
$_TARGETNAME configure -memorymap RW 0x18100000 0x00032000 BACKPLANE2   
"Backplane Wrapper Registers"
$_TARGETNAME configure -memorymap RW 0x40000000 0x08000000 DDR                  
$_TARGETNAME configure -memorymap RW 0x001b0000 0x00090000 RAM                  

I am using WM-BAN-BM-33_EVB V3.0 board with olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H JTAG. That 
uses BCM4390x.cfg as the target config files.

I am able to program the binary to the board using the same connection using 
WICKED studio. Is there any chance the read is getting locked in this process?


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On 11.07.2018 10:54, N K, Athira wrote:
Hello Tommy,

Thank you for the quick response.

Actually I could get an example command

dump_image empty.bin 0x8D000 185

But I get a response

Ignoring read of non readable area - Request address: 0x8D000, Request size 
184. Bytes successfully read: 0
Where is your flash mapped to?
You have to use a start address that matches where your board and board config 
map the flash rom.

If 0xD8000 really is your flash start address (which sounds a bit odd, but I 
don't know anything about your board or target CPU), you need to modify the 
board config file to tell OpenOCD the correct flash location.

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