Hi Oren. In commit 8ecab21b379d34f97ac966b13e1605024364142b I see you changed all the server executable logs (OpenSim.log, Robust.log, etc.) to be rolled by day by default (i.e. so that on 27th March 2014, the existing OpenSim.log will be copied to OpenSim.2013-03-26.log or similar and a new OpenSim.log started.

As far as I can see, no configuration has been made to limit the number of logs. This will fill bin/ with many OpenSim and Robust rolled logs.

I'm not convinced that changing this default is a good idea. It might make more sense if logs were placed in a separate bin/logs directory but that would be a more major change.

One could change the number of rolls to be limited (delete the oldest logs), but that might lose valuable data unless there were a large number of rolls. Or perhaps a roll by month might reduce the sheer number of log files, with a maximum log number of 6, for instance. Another alternative is to roll when logs reach a certain size, as is done, at least by default, by many other programs (apache, mysql, etc.). But I can see the value in being able to see old logs by period.

I do agree that limiting the size of OpenSim.log, even by default, is a good idea but at the same time I don't think that the default configuration should generate a large number of log files in bin/

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