Hi Oren,

the correct way is to create an additional post handler that is reachable at a 
different URL, e,g, /AssetQuery/

Servers that don't implement it would return 404. Don't try to shoehorn this 
functionality into the existing post handler.


On 31 Mar 2014, at 13:55, Oren Hurvitz <or...@kitely.com> wrote:

I have implemented this method. I found that the Assets Service already had a
method to check for assets' existence, so I just had to extend it to check
multiple asset ID's at once, and make it available remotely. But now I'm not
sure what to do about backwards compatibility.

I'm sending the request using POST, because sending a lot of data is better
done using POST than GET. But as it turns out, AssetServerPostHandler
doesn't handle unknown requests well. First, it assumes that all requests
will contain an AssetBase, but this request doesn't. Second, its try/catch
clause doesn't catch the exception that is generated, because it's an
InvalidOperationException and not an XmlException (which is what's currently
caught). The unfortunate result is that the server doesn't send back *any*
reply, which means that the caller must wait for the full timeout (100
seconds!) before giving up. [BTW, I'm going to investigate this further
because it may explain the 100-second timeouts users occasionally

I've already fixed this problem in the current patch (not yet submitted), so
that in the future AssetServerPostHandler will return an error code
immediately for unknown requests (HTTP 400). But that won't help when
connecting to old grids.

I see two ways to fix this:

1. Send the request using GET instead of POST. AssetServerGetHandler handles
unknown requests a little better than POST: it tries to find the parameter
as an Asset ID, but if not found then it just returns HTTP 404 immediately.

2. Add a way to query the server for its capabilities, to find out if it
supports this request.

I prefer approach #2 because it can be used in the future for many other new
features. How about adding a method to IGatekeeperService, something like

Dictionary<string,string> GetServerCapabilities();

In this example, the capability will be: "SupportsAssetsExist"="true"

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