I'm seeing strange behavior from viewers: after an avatar HG teleports to
another grid, his attachments sometimes aren't visible to *some* of the
avatars in the region.

The isn't that the attachments have been detached: the log shows that they
came across perfectly. And some of the avatars in the region *do* see the
attachments, while some do not. For example, in Singularity, an avatar
already in the region sees the incoming avatar's attachments, whereas the
incoming avatar himself does not! In Firestorm the problem is the reverse:
the incoming avatar does see his attachments, but the avatar already in the
grid doesn't.

Waiting doesn't solve the problem. But other actions sometimes do:
* Most tellingly, sometimes merely changing the zoom level of the viewer
(using the mousewheel) makes the attachments appear. No packets are sent to
or from the viewer at this time (I checked).
* If the avatar walks forward then sometimes one or more of the attachments
appear. But strangely, walking backwards doesn't make them appear.

I looked carefully at the packets being sent to see if anything is missing,
or whether the packets differ between avatars that do see the attachments
and those who don't, but I can't see a difference. And in any case, the fact
that sometimes the attachments can appear even without any packets being
sent (as in the mousewheel example) means that it's something to do with the

I don't want to just say "it's a viewer problem" and move on, because it's a
problem for users of OpenSim. My working assumption is that by sending
additional packets, or at different times, we can make the viewer refresh
itself and show the attachments. This would only need to happen shortly
after a teleport.

Does anyone know what we could do to force the viewer to redraw the
attachments? I tried sending additional "ObjectUpdate" packets for the
attachments, but this didn't help.


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