I also used to see this issue a lot when testing attachments. At the time, I remember looking into it and adjusting a few things to make OpenSimulator's output packet order match LL much more closely but with no effect. I haven't seen it for a while so I was hoping it had gone away, though that may also just be because I don't get the chance to go in-world very often.

One possible thing to investigate is whether SOG updates with a position of <0,0,0> are somehow getting out to the region before attachments are properly set up. This might account for audio issues, etc. It might also be a shot in the dark, though I think this used to happen under some circumstances (along with other effects such as HUD attachments wrongly appearing on other viewer's screens).

On 02/04/14 12:20, Melanie wrote:
I don't know if this may be related, but for some reason OpenSim
fails to update the viewer's notion of position properly.

The most noticeable effect is that sometimes after changing regions
or even parcels, sound is no longer heard. The audibility check
happens viewerside, just as the object visibility check.

If the viewer gets a wrong location, it may consider the attachments
as "too far away" and not render them - that is probably related to
why zooming can make them appear.

Therefore I don't believe we need to send any extra packets related
to these objects, but rather we are missing some packet or sending
wrong data related to the avatar's location.

This appears to be the case on moving in world as well as teleports,
but I have so far never observed it at login.


On 02/04/2014 13:16, Oren Hurvitz wrote:
I got some great advice off-list from Nicky Perian. When there's a problem of
missing prims, go to the Graphics Preferences and toggle the option "Basic
shaders". I tried this, and toggling this option (on or off, both work)
makes the missing prims appear immediately.

This proves that the viewer has the correct data, and it's just not showing
it. But I still want to find some combination of packets that will make the
viewers show the prims, since obviously most users will not know to use this
trick, and it's a hassle.

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