Hello Melanie,

Thank you for the info on this feature.
Based on what I had read and heard from others, I incorrectly reported in an interview today that this feature was not fully implemented and did not work as expected. My apologies for that errant report - I have since contacted the person (Maria at Hypergrid Business) and pasted them what you have put to the mailing list.

I have tried to test this feature based on the information you've provided and have not been able to make this work as you've indicated. I am using opensim code based on r/25628 - bda8f2a2c1d702adc9e61869195a4dbcd3c6751f dated 12/30/2014 and the Singularity viewer version 1.8.6 (6313) Jan 7 2015 06:04:40 (Singularity Alpha).

Using the settings you have provided I have added the following to my opensim.ini file:

And I am unable to make this work.
- I created a simple box and renamed it
- I took this box back to inventory
- Out of curiosity, I looked to see what was shown when trying to set export perms from inventory (I know you said it wouldn't work, but I was curious anyway) - While box was still in inventory it showed the export box as "Not available" or greyed out as expected since you said it wouldn't work.
- I pulled the box from my inventory and rezzed it on the ground.
- I went into edit mode and it was still showing the export box as unavailable (see attached screenshot).

Next Test...
- I went back into inventory and found a shirt I had made previously... right clicked... chose properties - I can now see the export box as empty, but able to be checked.. I've checked the box and it has stayed checked. - I have not yet tried to see if it would actually allow export as I was simply wanting to test the export checkbox function.

Maybe it is now broken in core?
Maybe it is not correctly implemented in my viewer?

I think this would be a very useful feature to be completed for opensim and think it could help make the content creators of our community feel more comfortable about hyper grid mode. If the content creator can choose "NOT" to allow export and can expect this choice to be honored by the simulator it could go a long way at improving the sense of security our community has with OpenSim at the moment. One of the hardest things I've personally had to deal with as a grid operator/manager is the users not feeling confident their objects cannot be exported if they choose not to allow it. We have many content creators on 3rd Rock Grid which do not want to allow their creations to be taken out of our grid and they were very much against our grid converting to hyper grid mode because of their fears.
If we could provide them with this feature it would take away these fears.

~Butch Arnold

On 1/10/2015 5:02 PM, Melanie wrote:
Not quite true. Being that someone, I can say that with authority. :)

Server support exists for export permissions for all simple items
and all prims rezzed in world.

This means, you can set the export permission on things like
clothing in your inventory, but you can not set the export
permission for prims there. Prims have to be rezzed, the permission
set and then taken back.

Also, export permission on simple objects can not be changed in prim
inventory, only in user inventory.

Within these restrictions, it works. Only recent Singularity has the
code for this. In OpenSim, support needs to be announced to the
viewer by using sim features.

under [SimulatorFeatures], set ExportSupported=true

Sorry there is no real documentation on the feature yet but these
steps should make it work for you.

- Melanie

On 10/01/2015 19:12, Shaun T. Erickson wrote:
Regardless of whether any viewers support having the check box, the
server doesn't support it, as it's not fully implemented. Someone
started it and then never finished it.


On 1/10/15 12:57 PM, BoneZ wrote:

I'm wondering if someone can give me an idea on how to get the prim
"Export" function to work?
I want to be able to check the export box to allow a prim to be
exported from my grid, but I cannot seem to find the correct
combination of settings and viewers to make this work.

I think based on what I've read.. only certain viewers support it?

Which viewer is known to work with the current release of opensim?
How to I enable it?
Is it to be done in the Robust settings?  Or in the region settings?
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