> It doesn't mean the code is no longer covered by the MPL.  See
> <https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/MPL/2.0/combining-mpl-and-gpl/>,

That is very complicated as can be seen by the multiple cases, all of which we 
would expect to apply to OpenSSL at one point or another.  Our legal advice 
discouraged this.  Our discussions with various folks did not encourage it.

At any rate, GPLv2 folks can continue to use the current code, dual-license or 
add an exception for their application, decide to agree with the ASF that it's 
okay, or use alternatives such as GnuTLS.

Again, we are sorry that we cannot solve all issues at this time.  We didn't 
create this situation, we have to live with it like everyone else.
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