On 19/04/17 11:17 +0200, Thierry Carrez wrote:
Adam Lawson wrote:
I've been an OpenStack architect for at least 5+ years now and work with
many large Fortune 100 IT shops. OpenStack in the enterprise is being
used to orchestrate virtual machines. Despite the additional
capabilities OpenStack is trying to accommodate, that's basically it. At
scale, that's what they're doing. Not many are orchestrating bare metal
that I've seen or heard. And they are exploring K8s and Docker Swarm to
orchestrate containers. They aren't looking at OpenStack to do that.

I have to disagree. We have evidence that some of the largest Kubernetes
deployments in the world happen on top of an OpenStack infrastructure,
and hopefully some of those will talk about it in Boston.

I feel like you fall in the common trap of thinking that both
technologies are competing, while one is designed for infrastructure
providers and the other for application deployers. Sure, you can be a
Kubernetes-only shop if you're small enough or have Google-like
discipline (and a lot of those shops, unsurprisingly, were present in
Berlin), but most companies have to offer a wider array of
infrastructure services for their developers. That's where OpenStack, an
open infrastructure stack, comes in. Giving the infrastructure provider
a framework to offer multiple options to application developers and

Yes, this, a gazillion of times. I do _NOT_ think CNCF and OpenStack are (or
need to be) in competition and I'd rather explore the different ways we can
combine these 2 communities or, more specifically, some of the technologies that
are part of these communities.

To do this, we need to explore ways to make OpenStack more "flexible" so that we
can allow different combinations of OpenStack, we need to allow people to use it
more like a framework.

I definitely don't mean it's the only thing and I'm really against calling
almost anything "the one thing" (unless we're talking about pasta or pizza) and
I believe falling into that trap would damage the community (we barely made it
out in our early years/days).


Flavio Percoco

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