On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 2:12 AM, Robert Collins
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> In this months review:
>  - Ghe Rivero for -core

+1.  Has been doing very good reviews.

>  - Jan Provaznik for removal from -core
>  - Jordan O'Mara for removal from -core
>  - Martyn Taylor for removal from -core
>  - Jiri Tomasek for removal from -core
>  - Jamomir Coufal for removal from -core
> Jan, Jordan, Martyn, Jiri and Jaromir are still actively contributing
> to TripleO and OpenStack, but I don't think they are tracking /
> engaging in the code review discussions enough to stay in -core: I'd
> be delighted if they want to rejoin as core - as we discussed last
> time, after a shorter than usual ramp up period if they get stuck in.

What's the shorter than usual ramp up period?

In general, I agree with your points about removing folks from core.

We do have a situation though where some folks weren't reviewing as
frequently when the Tuskar UI/API development slowed a bit post-merge.
 Since that is getting ready to pick back up, my concern with removing
this group of folks, is that it leaves less people on core who are
deeply familiar with that code base.  Maybe that's ok, especially if
the fast track process to get them back on core is reasonable.

-- James Slagle

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