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> On 5 December 2013 12:10, Robert Collins <robe...@robertcollins.net> wrote:
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>> That said, perhaps we should review these projects.
>> Tuskar as an API to drive deployment and ops clearly belongs in
>> TripleO - though we need to keep pushing features out of it into more
>> generalised tools like Heat, Nova and Solum. TuskarUI though, as far
>> as I know all the other programs have their web UI in Horizon itself -
>> perhaps TuskarUI belongs in the Horizon program as a separate code
>> base for now, and merge them once Tuskar begins integration?
> This sounds reasonable to me.  The code base for TuskarUI is building on 
> Horizon and we are planning on integrating TuskarUI into Horizon once TripleO 
> is part of the integrated release.  The review skills and focus for TuskarUI 
> is certainly more consistent with Horizon than the rest of the TripleO 
> program.
Focus is needed on the Horizon bits to ensure that we have something to build on
for the "operator" side of a deployment.  One possible concern here is that the 
folk won't understand what's driving the UI need for Tuskar.


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