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>> This sounds reasonable to me.  The code base for TuskarUI is building on 
>> Horizon and we are planning on integrating TuskarUI into Horizon once 
>> TripleO is part of the integrated release.  The review skills and focus for 
>> TuskarUI is certainly more consistent with Horizon than the rest of the 
>> TripleO program.

Tuskar specifically (TripleO as a program isn't integrated; the Tuskar
API project is what will get integrated).

> Focus is needed on the Horizon bits to ensure that we have something to build 
> on
> for the "operator" side of a deployment.  One possible concern here is that 
> the Horizon
> folk won't understand what's driving the UI need for Tuskar.

Horizon already has functionality for the operator side of
deployments, through admin specific functionality; I think it's
entirely appropriate for operator web UI work to be housed in Horizon.
I understand the concern that Horizon folk may not understand Tuskar -
but that concern applies to Neutron and Cinder and Murano and Savannah
and ... - as a UI layer for OpenStack, it's Horizon developers /role/
to come to understand the capabilities and needs of the API's they are
presenting to users. I am totally confident that they are up to the
task, particularly if the folk that are working on Tuskar are there to
help Horizon folk understand better!


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