On 2013-12-06 03:22, Ladislav Smola wrote: 

> On 12/06/2013 09:56 AM, Jaromir Coufal wrote: 
> On 2013/04/12 08:12, Robert Collins wrote: 
> Hi,
> like most OpenStack projects we need to keep the core team up to
> date: folk who are not regularly reviewing will lose context over
> time, and new folk who have been reviewing regularly should be trusted
> with -core responsibilities.
> In this months review:
> - Ghe Rivero for -core
> - Jan Provaznik for removal from -core
> - Jordan O'Mara for removal from -core
> - Martyn Taylor for removal from -core
> - Jiri Tomasek for removal from -core
> - Jamomir Coufal for removal from -core
> Existing -core members are eligible to vote - please indicate your
> opinion on each of the three changes above in reply to this email.
> Ghe, please let me know if you're willing to be in tripleo-core. Jan,
> Jordan, Martyn, Jiri & Jaromir, if you are planning on becoming
> substantially more active in TripleO reviews in the short term, please
> let us know.
> Hey there,
> thanks Rob for keeping eye on this. Speaking for myself, as current non-coder 
> it was very hard to keep pace with others, especially when UI was on hold and 
> I was designing future views. I'll continue working on designs much more, but 
> I will also keep an eye on code which is going in. I believe that UX reviews 
> will be needed before merging so that we assure keeping the vision. That's 
> why I would like to express my will to stay within -core even when I don't 
> deliver that big amount of reviews as other engineers. However if anybody 
> feels that I should be just +1, I completely understand and I will give up my 
> +2 power.

 I wonder whether there can be a sort of honorary core title. jcoufal is
contributing a lot, but not that much with code or reviews. 

What purpose would this serve? The only thing core gives you is the
ability to +2 in Gerrit. If you're not reviewing, "core" is meaningless.
It's great to contribute to the mailing list, but being core shouldn't
have any influence on that one way or another. This is a meritocracy
where suggestions are judged based on their value, not whether the
suggester has +2 ability (which honorary core wouldn't provide anyway, I
assume). At least that's the ideal. I think everyone following the
project is aware of Jaromir's contributions and a title isn't going to
change that one way or another. 

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