On 4.12.2013 08:12, Robert Collins wrote:
     like most OpenStack projects we need to keep the core team up to
date: folk who are not regularly reviewing will lose context over
time, and new folk who have been reviewing regularly should be trusted
with -core responsibilities.

In this months review:
  - Ghe Rivero for -core


  - Jan Provaznik for removal from -core
  - Jordan O'Mara for removal from -core
  - Martyn Taylor for removal from -core
  - Jiri Tomasek for removal from -core
  - Jamomir Coufal for removal from -core

Existing -core members are eligible to vote - please indicate your
opinion on each of the three changes above in reply to this email.

I vote for keeping in -core those who already expressed or will express intention to be more active in reviews, removal of the rest.


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