> > - As an infrastructure administrator, Anna wants to be able to unallocate a
> > node from a deployment.
> > Why? Whats her motivation. One plausible one for me is 'a machine
> > needs to be serviced so Anna wants to remove it from the deployment to
> > avoid causing user visible downtime.'  So lets say that: Anna needs to
> > be able to take machines out of service so they can be maintained or
> > disposed of.

> Node being serviced is a different user story for me.

> I believe we are still 'fighting' here with two approaches and I believe we
> need both. We can't only provide a way 'give us resources we will do a
> magic'. Yes this is preferred way - especially for large deployments, but we
> also need a fallback so that user can say - no, this node doesn't belong to
> the class, I don't want it there - unassign. Or I need to have this node
> there - assign.
Just for clarification - the wireframes don't cover individual nodes being 
manually assigned, do they? I thought the concession to manual control was 
entirely through resource classes and node profiles, which are still parameters 
to be passed through to the nova-scheduler filter. To me, that's very different 
from manual assignment. 

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